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Tree of Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary

1000 West Fillmore Street, Suite 105 Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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At Tree of Wellness, our mission is to provide a safe, affordable, and comfortable environment to all qualified patients in their purchase of alternative medicine so that their daily lives will no longer be a struggle and pain free. We take pride in facilitating natural remedies for chronically ill Colorado residents who suffer from HIV, AIDS, cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, chronic pain, migraine headaches and other conditions for which licensed medical physicians may legally recommend medical cannabis. Our large selection includes a variety of medical marijuana and baked goods. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to serve you and to best meet your needs. At Tree of Wellness we provide a discreet service for those patients who qualify under Colorado Law Amendment 20. Every patient will receive a professional and enjoyable experience. The clean and relaxed atmosphere helps even first time patients feel comfortable. Every medication is inspected to ensure that it is of top medicinal quality. We are committed to providing you with highest quality medication at fair prices. We are dedicated to keeping you safe and helping you to heal.


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Reviews for Tree of Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary (1)

    Tree of Terrible — Not Worthy of the Bonsai

    This is why you visit a dispensary several times before becoming a member. Not only is this store a nightmare to park in and get out of, but the employees have said they just sit around waiting for accidents to happen. The staff is patronizing and insulting when you question them on anything. I brought in a pen vape for help because I had no clue what to use with it and they sold me oil which ruined it. I bought some edibles that look like they have mold growing in them and I’m told that this is a manufacturing flaw and they won’t honor an return even for store credit. In fact, I just learned that is not illegal for a dispensary to accept returns it is only illegal to resell that medicine to someone else. Just like if you got pills from Walgreens, returned them because they made you ill, and they tried to sell those the person in line behind you. Clearly this business would rather cheat you out of your money than respect you as a customer. Actually, when I began expressing my concerns one of the regular employees named Lori, who looks like a can of smashed assholes, began yelling at me over the phone. Another employee tells personal stories that drive me to anxiety attacks just by hearing them. If you like dealing with unprofessional liars, hypocrites, and judgmental sexists then this store is for you. Doing business with them has had me so upset I’ve lost sleep over it. Also note that literally across the street you can save $40 an ounce and they honor returns as well as their customers. ENJOY!

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