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Smokey’s 420 (Garden City)

2515 7th Ave Garden City, CO 80631
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Welcome to Smokey’s, we are a marijuana dispensary & grower located in Fort Collins and Garden City!  We started our business because one of our founders lost a family member to a prolonged bout with cancer, and cannabis was one of the few treatments that helped in managing the pain.  It was hard to get and expensive.

He made it his mission to help others manage stress, pain, and suffering through the healing effects and medical powers of cannabis.  Cannabis – more commonly known as marijuana, pot, weed, herb, ganja, etc. – contains THC and other cannabinoids, which have medicinal properties.

At Smokey’s, we produce top quality cannabis at our marijuana dispensary with strains designed to meet specific needs and tastes.  As experienced growers all of our plants are grown from seed in pure soil, producing a quality product with longer-lasting flavor than found in hydroponically-grown plants.  We cultivate a large variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids, including more than a dozen of our own exclusive strains.
This allows our clients in our Garden City and Fort Collins dispensaries to choose the best product and method of consumption to suit their conditions and preferences.  Our staff is well educated on the medicinal properties of marijuana and its specific uses. The safe and effective use of marijuana is always our top priority.

Whether you purchase marijuana for medical or recreational use, we believe that the quality of our product will improve your quality of life!

Stop by our marijuana dispensary stores in Fort Collins and Garden City for friendly, knowledgeable advice from an experienced grower in a welcoming atmosphere!


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    Id say everytime I’ve been, very friendly even got to nerd out for a second about comic books while i was being checked out. Could use a bigger facility to show off more things and allow more people to easily look around. Other then that, pretty enjoyable experience. Also, the rewards are Nice. Allows me to get discounts for my money im spending there anyway

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