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Order The Highest Quality BC Weed Canada Has To Offer We treat you right! Bada baba baaaaa....

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Our First Product Under $100 Get it for only $2.75 CAN

New Product In Stock You Cant Resist!
For only $2.75 you can have the greatest high in the world, I mean so high that you won’t need any thing else for the next 24hrs.  This stuff is so powerful that it gets entire groups lifted.  If you want the best McChronald’s experience ever we are giving it to you 100% of the time FOREVER for only Two Dollars & Seventy Five Bucks! $2.75 For the best product McChronald’s has ever provided to our Canadian’s in need of some major anti anxiety and depression recession high.  And that’s exactly what this amazing new product does.  And yes, its staying!

And you know what?  You get 1 Weed Point for every purchase and we have over 1000 in stock and more to come, so don’t be shy!

Ronald McChronald

CEO & Founder

http://buyweedonline.ca is the flagship site for McChronalds mail order marijuana. We serve recreational marijuana and extracts of all kinds including hash to mature adults 95% of them being the Baby Boomer Generation. We treat our customers right!

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