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$55 is the cost for a medical marijuana evaluation in California.

$55 is the cost for a medical marijuana evaluation in California. This evaluation includes a written medical cannabis recommendation if you qualify. You can use this recommendation alone to get access to a cannabis club. However, a medical marijuana card is available through our clinic for $20. Only after you have a valid and verified medical cannabis recommendation can you obtain a California State Verified medical marijuana identification card administered by your local county Department of Public Health. If you are currently waiting over an hour at another doctors office that looks like the DMV, call and ask our cannabis clinic staff how easy it is to get a medical cannabis card at one of our clinics. Imagine having a genuine relationship with your physician where your doctor remembers your medical problems, your concerns, and helps you find the right treatment to find you relief for your condition. You will leave our clinic knowing the type of medication that will most likely work well for you, how often to take the medication, and what medication that will cause side effects and to stay away from. You will also know what dispensaries to avoid. Medical Marijuana Card Doctor educates medical cannabis patients in his continuing blog about growing marijuana, medical marijuana cards, prop 215 permits, licenses, recommendations and renewals. These articles are considered the California authority on medical cannabis.  Each medical marijuana doctor performs a full history and physical for every patient. After you and your physician have discussed your diagnosis, your physician will provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your complaints including the type of cannabis strain, the method of intake, the dosage, and dispensaries to avoid. You will leave with an relaxed, healing, experience at the Hollywood Easy Clinic.

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