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Dr. Releaf inc. (WOOTEN)

815 Wooten Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80915
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Fully Licensed Dispensary for Medical Marijuana

At Dr. Releaf, we are a Colorado Springs medical marijuana company known for our skill, reliability, and expertise. We are a family owned and operated company and our history is rooted in the family! Our owner has many years of experience in farming and has used his knowledge to the medical marijuana industry in our community.

We can offer you the highest quality products and services with our:

  • Extensive knowledge of marijuana and its uses
  • Keen understanding of solid business practices
  • Expertise regarding the specific medical benefits of marijuana
  • Careful consideration of the needs of our customers
  • Over 40 years of experience in agriculture and farming

We understand the value of hard work, consistency and innovation. Our business has been open for only two and half years and yet we now have about 20 employees and a host of loyal customers.


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    This place seems to always have great buds. And it’s been awhile since I’ve shopped here and I don’t remember why I stopped. Thought I would shop at other dispensaries to see if I could match price with quantity and quality. Long story short I’m back to shopping at dr. Releaf. Check them out. They really know their stuff. Picked up a mini bong for just 7.50 because I already purchased a quarter Oz so I qualified for a discount on the glass bong

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