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Azuca. Edibles, perfected. Fast-acting, Trustworthy and Delicious, Azuca is bringing an innovative and sophisticated new approach to edibles.

230 Harvard Ave
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Azuca Labs: The Origin of Rapid, Reliable Edibles
Located in the heart of New York City, Azuca Labs is home to our research and development team, and it’s where our patent pending Azuca Technology was developed. Merging the best ideas from the culinary arts and pharmaceutical sciences, we created Azuca—best-in-class treats, sweeteners and products that deliver beneficial CBD and THC in their most precise, bioavailable, fast-acting and delicious form.


Azuca Technology: A New and Better Process

Instead of using oils and fats to bind active ingredients, Azuca’s patent-pending emulsion process enables a hydrophilic, or water-friendly product. All oil-based edibles have to take a lengthy trip through the liver, which can be problematic for medicinal users, whose liver function may vary dramatically. Being hydrophilic, Azucabypasses your liver to take effect in a groundbreaking 2 to 15 minutes.


Beyond Nanotechnology

Our patent-pending emulsion process also results in a product that’s stable for two years, while oil-based edibles—even nano lipids—begin separating immediately after production. Any separation at all far from ideal—that instability compromises your ability to predict how the CBD and THC is distributed throughout the product.


Why Stabilization Matters

In addition to eliminating short shelf-life headaches for our retail partners, Azuca’s unmatched stability also makes it the highest-quality product in terms of user experience. Once you find your dose, you can precisely replicate and adjust it over time—down to the milligram. Azuca’s precision and predictability make it the most approachable CBD and THC delivery system for new users.


Chef-Driven and Artisan-Crafted Edibles

Because they’re water-friendly and not oil-based, Azuca’sCBD and THC sweeteners are free of any detectable cannabis taste or smell, so they can be mixed into drinks without compromising flavor and texture. Our prepared edibles deliver a high-end brand experience, from flavor profile to packaging to predictability. And our versatile syrups and sugars align with trends around elevated home-cooking and culinary creativity, inspiring people to make Azucaingredients their own.


Azuca Inside: A Breakthrough for the Entire Industry

Developed to integrate easily into any consumer, culinary or commercial recipe, Azuca Technology has the potential to elevate the entire cannabis edibles industry. We’re committed to partnering with forward-thinking, quality-driven brands to upgrade their products with Azuca Inside for the ultimate user experience.

Todd Irwin


Founded by Bubby’s chef Ron Silver, Azuca brings an innovative and sophisticated new approach to cannabis and CBD edibles. Bringing together revolutionary science, plant-powered wellness and culinary inspiration, Azuca’s three-patent-pending method

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