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Marijuana Legalization In Canada, Where It Stands

Canada is on the onset of becoming the world first wealthiest countries to commercially sell cannabis. Entrepreneurs hope the legalization of marijuana, scheduled for this fall, will create a multibillion dollar industry not seen in Canada since the 90’s.

The Senate gave the final pass of the bill to bring the legalization of cannabis forward. The bill was passed this past June. Marijuana will be available nationwide Oct. 17, 2018. A later date than originally expected.

Marijuana in Canada

Controlling Marijuana sales will be something Canada will have to continue working at to drive out black markets by keeping packing plain and prices capped. Restrictions have also been made imposing restrictions on advertising to young people and the use of celebrity endorsements directed at young adults.

“Right now young people have far too easy access in Canada to Marijuana. Criminal organizations make billions of dollars a year in profits on the sale of Marijuana”, Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister said.

“We need to move forward on a system that controls and regulates while protecting our kids and our communities”,  He added.

Trudeau, plans on making marijuana as hard to get as a bottle of alcohol for anyone who is under age. The legal age to buy and consume marijuana is now set at 18 years, with some provinces not allowing consumption until age 19. Sales to a minor could result in a jail sentence of up to 14 years.

A new report from Deloitte predicts the legal adult use sale will reach 4.3 billion Canadian dollars (3.3 billion US) in 2019, that’s on top of up to CA$ 1.8 billion in estimated medical marijuana sales.

Could Canada Be The Next Weed Capitol Of The World?

In no time Canada has the potential be one of the top leading Cannabis Contributors in the world. Polls show that a large majority of Canadians support the legalization of marijuana.

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