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President-Elect of Mexico says he is open to Marijuana Legalization

Mexico Marijuana

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico’s political leftist, won by a landslide to become Mexico’s next president. The future president-elect has proclaimed a desire to repeal cannabis prohibition in Mexico. His ideas are to transition away from pursuing criminal charges for people who consume drugs, instead pursue the use of drug treatment programs for them.

“I will achieve peace, that’s my commitment, I will achieve peace and end the war – we are not going to continue with the same strategy that hasn’t brought us positive results,” stated López Obrador.

He has not, however, made any comments on the legalization of cannabis but some of his staff members have. His Interior Secretary, Olga Sánchez Cordero,  has sated that she will “seek the decriminalization of marijuana for recreational use.” and has been very vocal about her opinions on cannabis legalization.

“The world war on drugs has failed,” Sánchez Cordero wrote in Mexican newspaper Milenio. “Nothing contributes to peace by legislating on the basis of more criminal punishment and permanent confrontation. Violence is not fought with violence, as López Obrador rightly points out.”

Cannabis laws in Mexico have been slowly changing since the legalization of medical marijuana in the country in 2017. However, most of the cannabis market in Mexico is still controlled by the Mexican drug cartels.

marijuana in mexico

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