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Lansing orders weed shops to apply for city licenses or get shut down

Lansing Marijuana Laws

An executive order issued by Lansing’s Mayor Virg Bernero stated that medical marijuana shops must apply for a city license to avoid being shut down. Shops will have one week to remain open while their applications are being approved. Weed shops in Lansing that are not approved will be shut down and will face fines to the owners of up to $1,000 per day. If dispensary owners do not submit applications by Friday’s deadline, they will need to shut down operations by December 22nd.

“Lansing has led the way with a model ordinance to facilitate the growth of a new industry that promises to bring new jobs, increased property values and safe access to medicine for medical marijuana patients,” Bernero said in a statement.

“My executive order is designed to implement the new state law and the regulatory framework it requires for the temporary operation of medical marijuana facilities and to make this transition period as smooth as possible for all stakeholders.”

The mayor’s executive order went into effect immediately and did not require any approval from the Lansing city council. Last September, the city council approved an ordinance that capped the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Lansing at 25. An ordinance that is yet to be enforced.

Lansing Medical Maijuana

As of Monday the city had not received any applications for weed shops. The first twenty shops will be approved as soon as possible and the other five will be approved at a later date. The city’s license cap only applies to dispensaries, the city of Lansing has not limited the types of other medical marijuana facilities.

To operate a dispensary in Lansing, companies must now apply and be approved by both the city and the state. Existing marijuana dispensaries and related establishments operating under local authorization will have a February 15th deadline to apply for state licenses.

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