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Nevada Dispensaries Experience Marijuana Shortage 3 Months After Recreational Sales Began


Budtenders are essentially ‘waiting for the plants to grow’ as marijuana shortage in Nevada worsens. None of the dispensaries operating in Nevada have actually run out of marijuana yet but they are running out of some of the most popular products.

One of the many challenges that Nevada is dealing with is the distribution process. While more and more businesses are advertising their distribution services and the overall process is gaining momentum, supporters are still waiting for the Supreme Court to start allowing more marijuana businesses to be their own distributors.

To help expedite the process, many marijuana companies are looking to expand their grow operations to have more square footage so they can grow more product. Companies experiencing delays are waiting because the marijuana plants are still in the process of growing into production. With a larger growing area, there will be more room to make more products.

Granted, the supply shortage is only one of many hurdles the recreational marijuana industry in Nevada has had to overcome, but it is probably the biggest one. Dispensaries are waiting to re-stock their product with fresh flower but it is not stopping them from making millions of dollars in recreational sales.

Recreational Use Of Marijuana Becomes Legal In Nevada

The Nevada Department of Taxation has recently released new numbers on the first month of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada. These numbers state that in the month of July alone, Nevada generated more than $3.6 million dollars in taxes. Almost one million dollars will be going to schools across the state and about $2.5 million will be put away into a rainy day fund.

Numbers are not available for August or September yet but the state is hoping to make almost $120 million dollars in tax revenue over the next two years.

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