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Nevada Releases Initial Regulations on Recreational Weed Shops

The state of Nevada legalized the use of recreational marijuana four months ago but there is no place for adults to buy it. Dispensaries selling recreational marijuana are not expected to open until July 1st but regulations have yet to be put in place.

Previously this week, lawmakers met with the Director of the Nevada Department of Taxation, Deonne Contine, to obtain insight.

“The department has drafted proposed temporary regulations to allow for Early Start.”Contine stated.

The first weed shops to be able to sell recreational marijuana will be the current medical marijuana businesses, they are calling it the Early Start Program.

“Medical marijuana cultivations, productions, dispensaries, and labs will be the early start recreational vessel because it would be too hard to start a whole new license process. Instead, we can just use what’s there and build on it.” said the Director of the Sierra Cannabis Coalition, Will Adler.

The Early Start program will help jumpstart the recreational marijuana program by obtaining revenue from application fees. These fees are expected to range from $20,000 to $30,000. Applications are set to open on May 15 and are due by May 31.

Adler said, “Those fees are really the start-up capital to make sure the state isn’t opening an unfunded program– that it has it’s funding day one.”

The Early Start program will not be permanent, only lasting six months. Then the Department of Taxation will have until the end of the year to implement permanent regulations.

Businesses outside of the current medical marijuana industry will have to wait about two years to apply for licences but there should be plenty of licenses left.

The Nevada Tax Commission will vote on May 8th to finalize these temporary regulations.

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