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Mexico’s Lower House Approves Use of Medical Marijuana

A bill approving the use of marijuana for medical use was unanimously passed through Mexico’s lower house on Friday. The legislation will now go to the President, Enrique Pena Nieto, to be signed into law.

The bill also allows growing marijuana for medicinal or scientific purposes, but smoking it still remains illegal. It calls for the Health Department to “design public policies to regulate the medicinal use of the plant and its derivatives.”

This is another step closer to relaxing marijuana for medical use laws in the country of Mexico. Last year, the government began to grant permits to let some patients import medicinal marijuana products. The country has also decriminalized small amounts of marijuana.

“this is not opening the door for a general and unchecked consumption because it includes measures so the health department can ensure it is not being abused or distorted to widen it to recreational use.” stated Rep. Rosa Alba Ramirez of the small Citizens’ Movement party.

The bill has already passed the Senate of Mexico.

“this is a step in the right direction of exploring new alternatives of regulated, legalized and supervised use, and can open up a new front for authorities to combat addictions and the violence that arises from the illicit activities of drug growing, trafficking and consumption.” said Rep. Arturo Alvarez of the Green Party.

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One response to "Mexico’s Lower House Approves Use of Medical Marijuana"

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