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NBA Veteran Al Harrington Promotes Why It Is Absolutely Necessary To Pass Prop 64 In California


Drug policy advocate and former NBA player Al Harrington announced in an exclusive interview with The Root how marijuana healed his grandmother and why it is imperative that California votes yes on Proposition 64 this November. He is now using his personal life story as an example of why it is so important that this transformational piece of legislation is passed.

Harrington’s grandmother, whom suffered from glaucoma and diabetes was able to overcome many of the debilitating symptoms after trying cannabis as an alternative medicine. Seeing her overcome many of her symptoms made a believer out of Harrington. He is now taking a vocal stance in his advocacy for passing the proposition on November 8th.

“Right now” Harrington stated, “my focus is on raising awareness and telling my story, my grandmother’s story, just so people can give marijuana an opportunity.”

Harrington is not alone in his plight in passing Prop 64. Filmmaker and drug-policy advocate, Dream Hampton, produced and directed the video below of Harrington sharing his story. He agrees that legalization of recreational marijuana in California would help the community overall, especially the minority communities whom have been struggling for years for an equal economic opportunity.

“I made this video with Al because he’s one of the biggest black entrepreneurs in the above-ground marijuana industry,” Hampton says. “That’s great for him, but we’ve been having conversations about how that can be good for more people. How ending the prohibition can both bring people home from jail and provide economic opportunity.”

Harrington has hopes that with legalization, more opportunities for minorities will open up in the new, growing and still racially divided, economy.


“On so many levels, the system just needs to be looked at and redone; marijuana is just one aspect,” Harrington says. “I’ve been in the marijuana-industry space for the last five years, and I’ve seen that it’s a predominately white space. And minorities, we’re the ones that are locked up behind it. And not only are we locked up, when we do get home, we have felonies and we can’t even work, can’t even get a job.

“So, once marijuana is decriminalized, a lot of things need to change, and the reason why I’m fighting for Prop. 64 is because decriminalization and legalization needs to happen first,” Harrington continues. “It’s really sad that our little brothers and little sisters are locked up while people are making billions of dollars off of their backs.”

Read the full interview and watch the video Here.

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