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Access to Medicinal Cannabis is Closer for Patients in Puerto Rico


Starting November 15, licence and regulation will begin by the Health Department for patients who qualify for access to medical marijuana in Puerto Rico. Recently, the Academic Sciences of Puerto Rico (ASPR) started stressing the importance of broadening the knowledge about medicinal marijuana and its positive effects.

Some of the many qualifying conditions include: chronic pain, anorexia, anxiety and stress disorders, muscle spasms, cachexia, migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, arthritis, lupus and many more.

The process for obtaining medical cannabis in Puerto Rico requires a valid ID, and and the completion of a pre-qualification form. Potential patients must also provide medical history of a chronic health condition and a notarized document. Once qualified, the patient will receive a certification that permits the use and purchases of medical marijuana.


Certified patients can can then visit a cannabis specialist to treat their symptoms. Specialists can be located through the Cannabis Doctors of Puerto Rico network. The network consists of over 200 certified doctors who can treat patients.

“There are studies that say that you cannot take too much cannabis nor too little because it won’t be that effective or reach a middle ground,” former Puerto Rico Health Secretary, Johnny Rullán said.

“Through our network, Cannabis Doctor Puerto Rico, we will sit with [the patient’s] health record, ask questions and evaluate the effectiveness of the formula given to the patient to see if it treats their symptom or not so we can improve the application in the future,” he stated.

Regulations on medical marijuana include that cannabis plants must be grown on the island of puerto rico and every plant will be tracked from seed to sale in the dispensaries. Also, marijuana may only be consumed using a vaporizer or tinctures.

Patients who have a hard time paying for the medicinal cannabis will be treated with “compassion”. This includes patients who do not have health insurance or cost assistance approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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