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New Polls Show That Oregon Voters Approve Of Marijuana Legalization


A new survey by DHM Research shows that 61% of Oregon voters think that legalizing cannabis has been a positive improvement for the state. Only 30% of voters feel that legalization has had a negative impact.

Measure 91 was approved two years ago by a 56% vote in favor. The new polls show that this is a 5% increase in popularity in the past two years. Also popular among voters is the implementation of city-wide sales taxes, polls show that 69% of voters were in favor.

In the first six months of legal recreational cannabis sales in Oregon, the state has already earned over $25.5 million in taxes, putting the state on track for over $50 million for the first year.

60% of voters polled stated that they opposed city and county-wide bans on recreational cannabis sales. Many voters in the Portland area oppose recreational bans with polls showing 67% oppose, whereas outside the city only 54% are opposed.

While few people approve of banning recreational marijuana sales, many voters do approve of the ability for local governments to impose sales taxes on recreational sales up to 3 percent.

“Though some may not view legalization positively in the abstract, an overwhelming majority believe their communities should seek benefits in the form of increased tax revenues,” says John Horvick, Political Director for DHM Research.

3% is the highest sales tax a city can impose on recreational marijuana sales based on the state laws. Over 100 cities in Oregon will be voting on this issue this November. While this sounds like a low number, the sales tax could earn cities such as Portland as much as 3-5 million dollars in a single year.

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