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Second Medical Marijuana Initiative is Approved for Arkansas Ballot


Officials in Arkansas have just approved a second medical marijuana proposal for this fall’s ballot. The constitutional amendment needed at least 84,859 valid signatures, supporters turned in a total of 97,284 valid registered voter signatures to Secretary of State Mark Martin’s office that was approved on Wednesday.

The previous medical marijuana proposal was approved in July. Now voters will have two proposals to vote on this November.


The last time a medical marijuana proposal was on the ballot in Arkansas was in 2012 but voters rejected approval. Supporters of medical marijuana in Arkansas are worried that the two conflicting proposals will cause confusion, and will in turn have the same result as the previous vote. David Couch, the sponsor of the measure approved Wednesday, said he wasn’t concerned.

“I don’t think there will be any problem differentiating between the two,” Couch said.

While different, both proposals have a few similarities, such as, both would allow patients to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries. Both require patients to have certain medical conditions to purchase cannabis.

However, the regulations and restrictions on each proposal are different. Supporters of the differing proposals are now focused on educating the voters on the differances between the two. Voters will be able to place a vote for both to be approved, or just one, if they so choose.

Regardless, it is sure to make the Arkansas election more interesting.

If you live in Arkansas, please vote in favor of these two important initiatives. For more information on the proposals, view arcompassion.com and mpp.org.

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