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Legal Dispensaries Still Unable To Open Their Doors In Hawaii

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One of the first states to legalize medical marijuana is till struggling to open the doors of their dispensaries. Medical Marijuana was legalized in the state of Hawaii 15 years ago, but dispensaries were only legalized last year.

The law allowed dispensaries to legally open by July 15 of this year but no one is ready to do so. The largest hurdle the dispensaries have is to test their products through a certified lab.

“On the dispensary front, they’re all doing their best to open their doors with as diverse a product line to serve all of the many needs of the patients and all the qualifying conditions that are out there,” said Chris Garth, executive director of the Hawaii Dispensary Alliance. “Until those products can be tested in a clinical capacity, no dispensary will be able to open their doors, no matter how perfect their product is.”

A laboratory, once certified, would test products for substances like heavy metals, chemicals and fungus. They would also test the dispensary products for potency levels.


The Hawaii Department of Health is in charge of reviewing and approving the applications. Officially, the state of Hawaii has yet to receive an application from an interested testing laboratory.

This is the only thing preventing the dispensaries, that were approved earlier this year, from opening. Hopeful Hawaii dispensaries are expecting to open in the winter of 2016.

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