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The Next Seven States To Vote On Marijuana This November


This could be the biggest year in marijuana initiatives yet. On November 8, seven states in the U.S. will be voting on recreational and medical marijuana measures and initiatives. Officially, the seven states voting on cannabis policies are: California, Florida, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and Arkansas.

While other states including Missouri, Montana, and North Dakota have submitted voter signatures to place their marijuana proposals on the ballot as well. Another state, Oklahoma, has been cleared to circulate a last minute measure to collect signatures. This could mean up to nine states will be voting on marijuana this fall.

Half of all the U.S hop over to these guys. states have already approved medical marijuana laws, the two most recent being Pennsylvania and Ohio. Both used the legislative process to pass their medical cannabis laws. The four states that have already approved Marijuana for recreational use are Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, as well as Washington D.C..

The tax revenue and licensing fees collected from the expansion of medical and recreational marijuana sales are proving success in improving state education budgets. These states have also been able to pave new processes for treatment and innovate medications for patients suffering from chronic pain or other illnesses. The benefits of marijuana for a state’s economy and infrastructure is hard ignore, it is evident that there is a large number of marijuana supporters in these states.

Generally, elections held in a year when a new president is to be nominated there is a greater voter turnout rate. Nonetheless, these initiatives and amendments are not guaranteed to be approved this November. Below is a list of the states voting on recreational or medical marijuana initiatives or amendments this fall:

California – The first state to legalize medical marijuana will also have its chance to legalize recreational marijuana this year. Prop 64 would legalize one ounce in public and six plants in private, they would also tax growers and charge a 15% retail sales tax to consumers.

Florida – After being defeated in 2014, Florida is again looking to legalize medical marijuana this November. For an amendment to pass Florida’s constitution, it would need a 60% or higher vote in favor. The younger generation is in favor of the amendment but the older generations have more of a negative view on cannabis.

Nevada – Home of “Sin City”, Nevada has had recreational marijuana on the ballot since last November. If the measure is approved, an excise tax of 15% would be applied at the wholesale level, with the consumer also paying existing sales tax at the retail level.

Massachusetts – Another state with a recreational marijuana initiative on the November ballot. If approved, consumers would pay the state a 6.25% tax, plus an excise tax of 3.75%. Individual towns and cities would have the right to impose taxes as well. Initial polls show that the majority of Massachusetts voters are in favor.

Maine – Two months ago, Maine was able to put a recreational marijuana initiative on their ballot. Their proposal includes a 10% excise tax, similar to other recreational states, and they would also place a limit on the number of licenses they will issue.

Arizona – Residents living in Arizona will have a chance to vote on recreational marijuana use this November as well. A 15% retail sales tax would be put on all retail sales if it is approved. Initial polls show that only 43% of Arizonans support a legal recreational marijuana measure.

Arkansas – Another state where residents will be voting on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana. After collecting the required amount of voter signatures, Arkansas next step is to pass the measure through a vote. Initial polls show that a large 58% of voters were in favor of the legalization of medical marijuana.

This could be the most rapid expansion of marijuana initiatives to date. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, this will be an exciting election to watch. This is going to be a transformational year for the United States.

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