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Italy’s Marijuana Laws Might Change Soon


The Italian Parliament has stated that they will start debating updates to the current cannabis laws, opening up the possibility of legalization.

The vote on the draft legislation will begin on the 25th of July. This is the first time the Italian Parliament has voted on the issue. If passed the bill will be sent to the Upper House for approval.

Recent polling shows that at least 83% of Italians agree that the current laws are irrelevant and in need of updating. Polls also show that at least 73% are in favor of legalizing marijuana and 58% of country citizens believe that the new laws would help the country’s economy.

If approved, the proposal would allow citizens to posses up to 5 grams of cannabis on their person and up to 15 grams at their residence. Citizens would also be allowed to grow up to five plants at their residence but sales of the home grown marijuana would still be illegal. Marijuana for personal use would need to be purchased from government licenced stores.

The proposal would impose some restrictions on the substance. Citizens would not be allowed to consume or smoke marijuana in public places and driving under the influence of cannabis would also be illegal. The exportation of marijuana would be restricted as well.


If the proposal is approved, it would make Italy one of the few countries to fully legalize the use of cannabis.

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