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Argentina Approves Medical Marijuana for 85 Treatments


The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT), the Argentine entity responsible for controlling drugs and medical treatments in the country, approved the use of 85 treatments of “compassionate” use of cannabinoid-based products.

This is a huge step for the Argintine government because the use of marijuana is still illegal in the country.

So far this year, the ANMAT has authorized 85 patients to receive the medicine. The medicine is mostly cannabidiol oil, to treat refractory epilepsy and pain.

As explained by Dr. Jorge Tartaglione to Guetap Argentina Radio program Vorterix, refractory epilepsy reacts quite well to therapy with cannabinoids. The episodes of this condition is reduced to 50% with this type of treatment.

Yesterday the head of the ANMAT, Carlos Chiale, confirmed to the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Argentine entity has already authorized the entry of 85 bottles of products with cannabidiol in the last 6 months.


Also this week, Argentine deputies have submitted bills from five different sources opening up discussions on the decriminalization of marijuana for medicinal use.

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