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Medical Marijuana For U.S. Military Veterans Moves Forward Through U.S. House Vote


The U.S. House of Representatives voted last week to allow Medical Marijuana to be a recommended treatment for various symptoms, for U.S. Military veterans. The vote allows doctors within the Department of Veterans Affairs to recommend MMJ (Medical Marijuana) to veterans in states where it is legal.

The 233-189 vote overturns an Obama administration gag order from a year ago that prohibited VA doctors in states with legalized marijuana from recommending it.

The Senate is expected to pass a spending bill soon that will also contain similar provisions check my source. This could create almost half a million new MMJ patients suffering from ailments such as cronic pain and post tramatic stress disorder, common ailments among U.S veterans.


Military veterans looking to try medicinal marijuana for their symptoms currently have to hire a doctor outside of the VA system or result to the black market. While this change is widely supported, it could be some time before it actually goes into effect.

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