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Vancouver, Canada Issues First Weed Dispensary Business Licence


The Vancouver municipal government issued its first weed dispensary business licence of the city this week. Chief licensing inspector, Andreea Toma, says this is an example of the city’s commitment to regulating dispensaries.

The still unopened Wealth Shop at 104-4545 West 10th Avenue in Point Grey, Vancouver was granted the licence late last week after it paid a prorated $20,000 of an annual $30,000 medical marijuana business licence fee to the city.

“If anything that they do doesn’t meet our current regulations, we will bring them back in and have a chat with them. The good neighbour agreement signed yesterday clearly indicated that, and they were all willing to sign it,” Toma said.

A good neighbour agreement states the terms to which the dispensary must abide to stay within the city’s standards. Vancouver is the first city in Canada to implement a regulation system to manage almost 200 new dispensaries. Only a dozen or so of the 176 dispensaries that have applied for a licence will receive full approval.

Vancouver approved regulations last summer requiring dispensaries to pay $30,000 for a licence, and to be located at least 300 meters from any school or community center. In the past month, bylaw officers have been working to issue fines to dispensaires and weed shops that are not within regulations and have not yet closed their doors. A reported 28 weed shops in Vancouver have already been shut down.

Earlier this month, Toronto Mayor, John Tory said he’d like Toronto to consider following in Vancouver’s footsteps toward marijuana regulation.

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