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Alaska Signs Off On New Recreational Marijuana Rules

Marijuana Alaska

Alaska is about to be the fourth recreational state in the U.S. according to the Alaskan Marijuana Control Board who formally signed off on new industry rules last week. The rules include detailed procedures for marijuana businesses to obtain permits.

Businesses looking to apply will be able to start submitting applications beginning February 24th and the state of Alaska will begin handing out permits in May of this year. This opens up many business opportunities for the state.

One of the unique aspects of Alaska’s plans include allowing on-site cannabis consumption at recreational shops. This is different than other states who have already legalized recreational marijuana. It also opens up a new market for retailers, with the potential of increasing sales per customer.

Alaska is also pretty relaxed about when they will allow marijuana businesses to be open. With the only time businesses will be mandated to be closed being between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Retailers will be strictly prohibited from using coupons or free samples to promote sales. They will also have to abide by advertising and product testing laws which are stronger than most states.

With some of the most advanced testing lab regulations so far, Alaska has mandated that every lab hire a scientific director, with professional experience in chemistry or biology, to oversee testing methods. The state also has plans to develop a accredited proficiency program where every lab will be required to take and pass a course in order to stay licensed straight from the source.

Product labels must list any pesticide, herbicide or fungicide used in the growing process and in harvesting. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation is allowed but no commercial batch can be larger than five pounds or contain more than a single strain.

Many municipalities in Alaska have either already banned marijuana businesses or are likely to do so soon, making Anchorage the main hub for the industry. Owners of marijuana companies looking to business in Alaska are required to have lived in Alaska for at least one calendar year.

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