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The Only Marijuana Dispensary In Massachusetts Served 1,500 Patients In The First Two Months

Mass Medical Marijuana

The first measure of consumer demand was made in Massachusetts this month, the executive director of the state’s first and only medical marijuana dispensary said they provided medical cannabis to 1,500 patients within two months.

The dispensary, Alternative Therapies Group in Salem was recently allowed to expand its business offerings after receiving permission to fill orders for marijuana products like oils and edibles.

Regulators also approved recently to allow a second dispensary to open under a temporary state waiver to sell cannabis.

Alternative Therapies’ projections stated they would serve about 1,500 patients in its first year in business, this number was achieved within the first two months. Over 20,000 people have received physician certifications to legally buy medical marijuana and almost 12,000 of them have completed the registration required to shop in a dispensary.

Fifteen dispensaries have received provisional licenses, but until Wednesday only Alternative Therapies had been approved to start selling marijuana. The company opened June 24 with a long line of patients waiting at the door.

View Alternative Therapies Group’s Page on Weed Shops

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