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What’s Better Than Legal Weed? Free Weed!

Oregon – The state of Oregon is celebrating Marijuana Legalization with free weed. On July 1, new Oregon Laws go into effect making it legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess and use recreation marijuana. It is also now legal to grow marijuana in the state with up to four plants per residence.

Applications for large-scale growers and retailers aren’t being accepted until early 2016, and no Oregon stores are expected to have marijuana for sale until the fall of 2016. For the time being, then, while recreational marijuana use is legal, people aren’t allowed to buy or sell it.

However, later this week, on Friday July 3, an event called “Weed The People” will be held in north Portland. Tickets cost about $40 and each attendee is allowed to use and take home marijuana up to 7 grams with admission.

“This is more than free weed,” organizers say on the event site. “This is more than vendors, food and vapes. This is history in the making!”

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