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Mississippi could be the first state to end Marijuana Prohibition in the South



Mississippi – Last year Marijuana was decriminalized in the state of Mississippi making it the first state in the south to do so. Now, Mississippi activists have been approved to collect ballot signatures for an initiative called “Legalization of Cannabis” or Initiative 48. This could completely change the game in the south for recreational marijuana.

Mississippi’s Initiative 48 points are listed below:

  1. Completely end cannabis prohibition for adults 21 and over
  2. This includes cannabis for industrial, medical, and recreational use
  3. Allow any adult over 21, regardless of past convictions, to legally sell cannabis for a $1,000 licensing fee
  4. Allow any adult to grow up to 9 plants
  5. Those with a license to sell can grow up to 500 plants
  6. Farmers can grow over 500 plants for a $1,000 licensing fee
  7. Cannabis sales will be taxed at a rate of 7%
  8. 100% of cannabis tax revenue must be used for education until at least 2020
  9. Cannabis related crimes can not be treated more harshly than alcohol related crimes
  10. Anyone convicted of a non-violent cannabis related crime in Mississippi will receive a pardon from the Governor

No other state with recreational cannabis laws even come close to what this initiative would do. Even licensing fees would be a small fraction of the cost of what they are in states like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Also,  no other state has begun exonerating the records of people with cannabis convictions.

These are huge points in the Marijuana industry that would definitely bring business and tourism to the state of Mississippi. Setting a precedent for other states to follow.

If you live in Mississippi, please take a moment to contact your Mississippi legislators about this important initiative. Let them know that you support it.

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