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Push For Emergency Medical Marijuana In New York

new york medical marijuana


Albany, New York – on Tuesday, state lawmakers and medical marijuana patients made a final push for New York to pass a bill that would provide emergency access to medical marijuana for extremely ill patients.

Patients with severe illnesses and legislators urged the bill to be signed and passed in hopes to have a statewide distribution system in place by January 1, 2016.

It is unclear whether the bill will pass in all the activity before the legislative session ends on June 17, 2015.

Patients are increasingly getting more impatient and frustrated with the amount of time it is taking. Several families in New York said their children have died over the last year as they waited for medical marijuana to help with their illnesses.

The bill would allow for the state to offer a “special certification” to a patient whose condition is “progressive and degenerative or for whom a delay in the patient’s certified medical use of medical marijuana poses a serious risk to the person’s life or health.”

Tom Palumbo, a nurse from Waverly, Tioga County, attended Tuesday’s news conference at the Capitol along with the patients. He said he’s seen a number of cases where medical marijuana could have helped people in his care.

“To see people suffering, as a nurse it does take a lot out of you,” Palumbo, 55, said. “And when you know you could do something and you’re prohibited, that’s a terrible position to be in.”

If you live in New York, please take a moment to contact your New York legislators about this important bill. Let them know that you support it. It is encouraged that you submit a personalized letter if you or a loved one could benefit from the legal access of medical marijuana.

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