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What Is The Difference Between Indica and Sativa?


Indica and Sativa the are names or identification of two different types of marijuana strains that produce different types of a high or reaction when smoked. Both types have their own characteristics that determine what type of category they belong to.

These two categories originated in the 18th century when the two types were first named as cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Both strains have medical uses and neither is stronger than the other but both types have very distinct traits and characteristics. The differences between indica and sativa are listed below:

Differences in look and texture

Indica strains have a plant structure that is shorter and fuller. Indica buds are more dense, compact and smaller in size. Indica buds generally have a higher weight to mass ratio. Indica plants tend to have higher bud yields as well. Indica leaves are fat and wide.

Sativa strain plants have a structure that is taller and thinner than indica strains. These plants are well suited for growing in the outdoors due to their need for height space. Sativa buds are more light, fluffy in texture and tend to be larger. Sativa leaves are narrow and long.

Differences in effects and sensations

Indica strains tend to produce a more relaxing high, making the user feel a numbing sensation throughout their body. Indicas have a very calming effect and are ideal for use when trying to relax and unwind.

Sativa strains have more creative, energetic and uplifting effects on the mentality of the user. The high felt from sativa strains are more imaginative and cerebral, they help enhance the users experiences and surroundings.

Differences in symptom relief

Indica strains are more relaxing, so they have great benefits for anxiety and pain. These strains help to ease the mind and calm the body and nerves making them great candidates for insomnia relief.

Sativa strains have more uplifting effects. Sativa strains aid in mood disorders as well as ADD, depression and migraines. Sativas generally have an optimistic effect on the mind of the user and produce a positive sense of well-being; a good antidote to pain.

Hybrid Cannabis

The third and lesser known cannabis category is the newest category. Hybrid strains are relatively new to the cannabis market. The hybrid category was created for the cross-bred strains that are beginning to appear due to the breeding of two or more strains from different categories. Many hybrid strains on the market today bring the best characteristics of hybrid and sativa strains together into one particular strain.

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