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The Launch of WeedShops.com becomes the most dynamically driven GPS based website and marketing conduit for the marijuana industry. Where the grass is always greener

The Launch of WeedShops.com becomes the most dynamically driven GPS based website and marketing conduit for the marijuana industry. MarijuanaShops.com and WeedShops.com drive and track new customers directly to Weed Shops nationwide. WeedStrains.com and CannaStrains.com collect data and serve as a library of marijuana provided by through the free strain menus on WeedShops.com. These domains are all an integral part of a collective of sophisticated websites that are strategically built to create the highest number of impressions possible within the marijuana industry. This is due to the fact that these domains contains the three most searched keyword terms for brick-and-mortar dispensaries.

As you are aware Dispensary owners have had limited options for advertising their business. WeedMaps and Leafly along with dozens of the other companies are now trying to capitalize on dispensary advertising. One of WeedShops major focuses was making sure that dispensary owners could measure the number of visits that they receive through our network. We have created an extensive yet easy to understand statistical page that allows owners to track the number of visitors they receive in real time from traffic on the network. In addition WeedShops will provide premier businesses with a monthly comprehensive performance report and as a strategic advantage we offer a free of charge strain menu. This strain menu will be connected to WeedStrains.com and CannaStrains.com which are designed to receive the most traffic and impress for marijuana strains information.

The fact that a business is listed on the WeedShops network will secure a very strong appearance at the top of the search engines under search terms as crucial as weed shops, cannabis shops marijuana shops.

If your business does not come up on top search for these major key words you will lose out on business from the internet.

WeedShops.com, CannaShops.com, MarijuanaShops.com have been strategically built to create the maximum amount of traffic and the highest number of impressions. This will be especially true for Medical and Recreational Dispensaries, Deliveries service, Head shops and Doctors.

Businesses need to see an impact on their bottom line when investing in their marketing  and in order to see new business and a return on your marketing dollars your business will need a complete listing on the WeedShops.com it is essential to the future of your business.

You can outright explode your business with a premier listing on the CannaShops.com. Your business will automatically be promoted through our network of sites and included in our advertising network that includes top Paid and Organic placement throughout Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Solidify your business on the web by submitting your businesses now at WeedShops.com


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